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28 Aug

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

London and the Royal Academy was the location for 250 consecutive Summer Exhibitions. Starting from 1768, it was always a retrospective of contemporary art. Today, 2000 artists chosen from a jury show their works - paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and even architectural projects are displayed in the neo-classical showrooms at Burlington House, Piccadilly, Mayfair.

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Nearly all of the exhibits are for sale and at the end of the Season the red dots show the peoples choice. For me as an artist an indicator of what is en vogue at the time. But nevertheless, the artists heart knows best what his hands should produce or are able to produce. It is always a long process, with millions of influences. Also the buyer, art fan or gallery owner is influenced very personal by his way of growing up and living. So to “create” art for an unknown buyer is in my opinion hard to realize. Everybody is invited to apply to exhibit. Apply here.

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I recommend to visit the other art galleries nearby and e.g. Assouline (high tea is served as well) and browse through wonderful analogue books. Various eating and drinking is found either at the Piccadilly Market on the grounds of St. James’s church or at Shepherds Market where you find local, Liberian-, Iranian-, French-cuisine plus a number of cafés and bars in a very intimate atmosphere.

And, the Queen is on holiday at that time and the Buckingham Palace state rooms are open for visitors. A fantastic opportunity to see old masters and get a glimpse of royal life behind the scenes. At the end of the tour, you can even sit at the terrace, eat and drink and feel a bit royal.

And - Tate Modern or Tate Britain

Shopping, strolling around, a walk through a park, tourist watching - all inclusive when you visit a metropolis like London.

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