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Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung.

26 Apr

Als junger Autor ist es fast unmöglich, an einen Verlag zu gelangen. Auf den Webseiten stehen immer die gleichen Hinweise „Bitte schicken Sie Ihr Exposé an Verlag XY“ oder per Mail an „redaktion@ verlag-xy.de“ - also immer anonym. Telefonisch kommt man auch nicht weiter „ich kann Sie nicht durchstellen, bitte senden Sie Ihr Exposé …“ u.s.w.

11 Jul

My expectations before starting a 14 days trip to Japan were unsorted. I thougth it will be loud in the cities, a not transparent society, high tech everywhere and sushi. Yes, there were all prejudices you can imagine – but Japan surprised my in every way for the better.

24 Mär

Again in Maastricht for TEFAF 2017. The flowers at the entrance reflect the mood of the visitors and exhibitors or is it the other way round that the flowers determine the mood? It is definitely a wow-effect every year.

13 Apr

India was a lifetime wish. Every time I saw it on TV or in a magazine, I got goosebumps. I had to wait 50 years until that dream became reality. Colors, smells, noise, massive crowds of people – I enjoyed everything and every minute with all my senses. My friends were split – one half said “oh, I want to go there, too” and the other half was “oh, I would never go there, to dangerous, to unsafe, afraid of Delhi belly, to loud, to dirty, …”

30 Mär

First time in Maastricht at TEFAF I was so convinced that I booked for next year already.

14 Okt

Maybe many of you have heard of the Collection Würth, but have you visited?

22 Jul

… go there! Well, it is hardly all said about NYC, but after ten years since my last stay there, I felt “new” in NYC.

11 Dez

 London – always worth a visit! The best: Even though you may have been there a couple of times, you will always find new places and locations that fascinates you. Here is our list of places, galleries, museums, restaurants, hotels… from our last trip we can warmly recommend.

16 Jul

After a Costa Navarino promotion event in Munich, we decided to discover Greece, Athens, the Peloponnese and Costa Navarino this summer. What we knew is that with every step we will make in Greece we will stand on historic soil and on the roots of democracy.

18 Jun

Through our client UNIKA, we were intensively engaged with this issue and question in the last few weeks. Thereby, we first noticed the possible different perspectives of and about art. A client / consumer has a different terminology for art than the artist / craftsman of himself and his work. In addition, there is nowadays not only the actual art – I’ll get there later on – but also the “produced” art: art as pure goods or art-bet on an imaginary value.